About Liz

I’m an ex-Mormon blogger from Utah. But wait – there’s more!

I also have seven brothers and the sweetest, hairiest dog in the known universe. Born in Pennsylvania and raised primarily in Utah, I come from a strong Mormon background, although I’m now an Atheist with moral groundings in Secular Humanism. I can explain.

If you’re just getting started with my blog, here are some posts to get acquainted with me and my life, as well as outside links to publications. And if you’re a veteran of my wild journey, you’ll probably already be familiar with some of the classics. Enjoy! And, as always, I welcome any questions, comments, feedback, or recommendations of your favorite blogs.

Meet Lois, my beautiful pride and joy of a dog.

Learn a little about my seven brothers.

Find out why I left the Mormon Church, and Why being an Ex-Mormon in Utah is so difficult. 

Read about what being an Atheist means to me. 

Some quick reflections on my life since I came to Chicago. 

My feelings on modern Mormonism’s involvement with the evil practice of polygamy in divergent Mormon sects 

My first published book review.

My article on Cracked (of which I am inordinately proud).

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8 thoughts on “About Liz

  1. Happiest day of my college career, opened the paper to find that Liz will no longer be writing a a column for the Statesman. It will be nice to no longer be subjected to the discrimination and hate that she herself preaches against. Please, please, never come back to Utah State or Utah for that matter. You are an embarrassment to our community and a mudslining bigot.

    1. I find her commentary refreshing, and I’ll miss it. Indeed, she is some of what you accuse her of–she does hate the LDS Church, and she does enjoy throwing some mud (and other earthy material) around. One thing she’s not, though is a hypocrite. Read her column. She’s honest. Sadly, many of the people she attacks (yep, that’s what she does) are complete hypocrites hiding behind a facade of fake niceness. They preach love but practice hate. Some of them don’t even realize what they’re doing (naive? ignorant? brainwashed?), but many of them are fully aware and do it anyway.

    2. Thank God for all the embarrassments and mudslinging bigots of the world, for they are the ones who actually have something worthwhile to say. Brigham bless you, Liz Emery … you are my heroin(e)!

  2. A few years back, I was given a gift: someone came to my blog and read each and every post I had ever written. Over the past few days, I have given you the same gift. You are a gifted writer with a strong voice. You think things through, and you are thorough and precise in your attack and defense of things that matter. Thank you for sharing that.

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